Monday, 16 July 2007

Keeping you on the go.

How to keep you on the go?
That is a big question for me.
I'm reading the book with title "The world is flat". That book is great. It open a viewpoint for me about our Vietnam country in the future. I know that we have to hard working to keep our country on the go. India and China have years in opening their market, and they become developed countries. How about our Vietnam country? We open our market step by step. But, let's thinking about IT field. Nowadays, VietNam is known as an excellent outsource in the world. In our country, the salary for a professor in IT is very cheap but the quality of the job he done is the same as the other in China, India!!!
I hope our country, after become a member of WTO, will be known as a destination of outsource.
Because i'm a coder. :D

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Khue Trinh said...

Hi there,

It is always great to see more and more AX Vietnamese people... When I started with AX, there was no resource at all in VN... keep it going mate. Thanks.

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