Thursday, 19 July 2007

VietNam v Iraq at Asian 2007 quarter-final.

Iraq has showed their strong before Australia, Thailand. They are a big team. I wonder how they play football as their country is in war. It's suprised, very suprised. I did not watch their match against Australia, but they won 2-0, a result which i couldn't believe. Australia has a wonderful World Cup and at this time, they have many stars in their team. Tim Cahill, Viduka, Kewell,...has many years playing football in EU. They has experience in Champions League. But Iraq beat them. This result with the win of Vietnam against U.A.E are two wonderful things of this Asian Cup.
At 21.07, our team, Vietnam, will play a match which Tai Em, an important mid-field player of our team, absent. He will get married with his girl friend, Mai Thi Khanh Van, my beautiful girl classmate. :D. But that's not a problem, missing him, Minh Chuyen, a young Olympic player,will got a good chance to show his ability.
I think next match our team will draw Iraq 0-0 after the first haft and we will score a goal a the beginning of the second haft, and the scorer will be Minh Phuong or Vu Phong with a long shoot. After that, we will play the defense- attack strategy. :D. Hehe, and 1-0 will be the final result for our team.

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